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13.09.2023 15:01

I feel important to introduce you first the three important crystal skulls because most of the skulls or dragons are energized exclusively by ancient crystal skull Synergy or the two largest Himalayan crystal skulls Horus and Osiris which have been many years energized by ancient crystal skull Synergy.

SYNERGY ancient Lemurian crystal skull


Synergy crystal skull weight around 8 kg/15 LB,it is believed this skull is one of the ancient crystal skull from the great civilization of Lemuria.
Synergy means the quality of the energy or frequency that manifest this skull on the earth.
Synergy means cooperative action of two or more entities to bring total change which is greater to accomplish as only alone. 
1+1 = 3 or even more.
In other words, we can do more and achieve more than only one individual.
Synergy is called the skull of * Joy and laughter* or just the *Laughing skull*.
Since the year 2001 the keeper or guardian of Synergy ancient crystal skull is Mrs.Sherry Whitfield from Arizona,USA.

This is what Mrs.Sherry Whitfield and Synergy says about the crystal skull work,feel is important you would know about ,meditate and contemplate about the deep meaning of the crystal skull :

Crystal skulls are tools of awareness and they can:
Focus Energy

Reflect Energy

Attune Energy

Transmit Energy

Transform Energy

Store Energy
Amplify Energy 


Horus Himalayan crystal skull
  Horus crystal skull weight around 3,8 kg/8,3 lb.

Horus is an Himalayan crystal skull,specially energized many years and ceremonies with ancient lemurian crystal skull Synergy and its guardian or keeper Mrs.Sherry Whitfield.

Horus is a powerful,wise life-size Himalayan crystal skull ,Horus has been travelling with us many years  as far as Mt.Kailash*Crystal mountain*Tibet and Bouddhanath ,Nepal in the year 2018.

Horus was the Egyptian falcon God of the sun and moon, son of Osiris.

Since the year 2016 the keeper and guardian of Horus Himalayan crystal skull is Mr.Argenio Greco from Switzerland, since 2012 living in the Czech Republic.

Osiris Himalayan crystal skull

 Osiris crystal skull  weight around 5,8 kg/12,8 lb.

Osiris is an Himalayan crystal skull,specially energized  many years and ceremonies with ancient lemurian crystal skull Synergy and its guardian or keeper Mrs.Sherry Whitfield.

Osiris is a powerful,wise larger then life-size Himalayan crystal skull , Osiris is with us since 2018.

Osiris was one of the most powerful Egyptian Pharaohs which ruled.

In this time in Egypt and for the Egyptian people had abundance,peace  and splendor.

Osiris is also known the God of the underworld and fertility, since Osiris was resurrected by his wife Isis.

Osiris and Isis conceived together one child named Horus.

So the relationship between the two Himalayan crystal skulls Horus and Osiris is like father and son relationship too.

Since the year 2018 the keeper and guardian of Osiris Himalayan crystal skull is Mrs.Radka Jedličková from the Czech Republic.

1.How to activate and work with a crystal skull and a dragon head?

First of all, please choose the skull or dragon you would like to work with.
Please sit in a comfortable position for you or in a chair.
Remember not to lean your back at the chair, please sit straight with your back.
So now please hold firmly with both hands if is larger skull in your hand, or place the skull  on a table i fis too heavy to hold.
If is smaller skull then you can hold with one hand only, the other hand resting at your thigh.
Please take three deep breath inhales, and exhale from your nose and close your eyes to have a more intensive and deeper experience.
Let go all your worries, thinking of the day,what you need to do and not to do.
Relax yourself,feel yourself comfortable enough to be oneness  consciousness with the crystal skull.
Feel your heart opening,getting warmer ,connected with the crystal skull.
Observe how you feel warm,comfortable,joy,pleased or relaxed with the crystal skull.
Open your heart with unconditional love like you have for your dog or cat or small child.
Unconditional love is the key to the connection to the crystal skull activation work.
Unconditional love means the love without any conditions, ego and fear.
The love just as it is at the present moment, nothing else matters.
Please try to do every day, so the crystal skull becomes more powerful,activated,connected and familiar to your energy field and yourself with the skull.
By the time you will see how different, changes, will be the crystal skull as yourself,remember the crystal skull only reflects back our state of mind,emotions and feelings.
You can also play instruments like singing bowls,gong,flute,tingshaw,drum,rattle and other to activate the skull.
Crystal skulls love also mantra singing if you don’t know how to do,just put a cd or on youtube you will find what you are looking for.

2.What is the purpose, meaning of a crystal skull?

A crystal skull means wisdom, to remember who you are and what is your life purpose in this life, not referred only the material but more about your soul purpose.
The crystal skulls has been used by different cultures since ancient times from Lemuria,Atlantis,Mayan,Egypt ,Tibetan shamanism cultures.
Crystal skull in those civilization where mostly made in quartz,amethyst,citrine,rosequartz,rutil with quartz and smoky quartz probably.
The Mayan civilization probably made and had crystal skull in Jade and black obsidian since for the Mayan people is sacred obsidian and Jade for their ritual and ceremonies.
For the Mayan Jade was and is more valuable than gold or diamond.
The ancient civilization knew that a crystal skull was a powerful tool for spiritual awakening,wisdom,knowledge, guidance inside the crystal skull matrix.
They knew the crystal skull should not fall in the wrong hands.
So that the crystal skull will not be manipulated, disturbed or contaminated the energy inside the skull to share.
Not all ancient crystal skulls therefore are positive, or feel good to be around.
Some of the ancient crystal skulls have heavy energy and very dark and mysterious energy, you don’t want to be nearby.
Like mentioned from the author Jaap Van Etten one of the most famous crystal skull expert, researcher and scientist of present time which he mentioned in his book Crystal Skulls-Expand your consciousness 2013 his personal experiences with ancient crystal skulls well known like Synergy,Einstein,Max,Sha Na Ra and others less known, not with all the crystal skulls he would like to have a session.
Most of the ancient crystal skulls feel great to be around,deep,intense energy ,transforming,warm energy emanating all over your body,soul ,heart and  mind.
The purpose of the crystal skull is to heal ourselves, remember who we are and what is our life purpose.
The crystal skull helps us to transform our life and mind in a better wiser way.

3.What is the purpose, meaning of a dragon skull?

Dragons are mythological animals; we don’t really know if they ever really existed or not.
We humans are always fascinated by different fairy tales about dragons.           
The Chinese civilization have dragons which are in the water,sea and oceans,symbol of wealth ,strength and good health.
The Mayan civilization have dragons as Quetzalcoatl which is like phoenix a birth rising from the ashes or a dragon.
In Europe in different countries like UK,France,Czech Republic are different stories about dragons,mostly represented something negative,which is a monster and kills people and destroy cities ,which is not true.
In Uk the famous King Arthur mythology, the dragon power is used by the magician Merlin, as his secret weapon and powerful spell* Alnatrauzketrobe* this spells wake up the dragon and cast a powerful spell to help King Arthur and the Knight templar to defeat the enemy and bring peace again, prosperity and welfare in the United Kingdom after long time of famine,powerty and sadness.
In Europe the dragons are with wings, dragons which can fly.
These are some of the legends of dragons,you can find many more stories,books about if you are interested.
Would like you to recommend to read wonderful book about different dragons’ elemental being and different meditation experiences from Jaap Van Etten released in 2019.
Since 2009 dragons head and full body dragons are carved by different carvers worldwide from China to Brazil.
The Brazilian master Leandro de Souza carver of skulls and dragons, worldwide known since 1980.
This dragon head are powerful tool for protection,abundance,strength and wisdom,each stone dragons feels different energy,chakra and element.
Is not possible carve in all stones dragons not like skulls,because is so difficult to carver dragons,to carve and polish so that the dragon does not break.
Not every carver can carve dragon head or full body with the energy of the dragon.
To be a guardian of a dragon head or full body is something special,unique feelings is like to have some kind of special animal with special power at home.
The dragons are very proud,fierce,powerful  and royal of their keepers.
The dragons are here for the human to be in harmony again, accept and love the dragons.
Not to do the same mistakes we humans misused the dragons for power and greed,did war.
This the dragons don’t want this,they want we live in harmony with all sentient and animal beings as oneness in complete fairness and equality with unconditional love.

4.How do I clean a crystal skull or dragon? 

All crystal skulls or dragons head you can clean with water,sunlight,full moon,different instruments sound such as singing bowl,cimbali,drum,koshi,singing of mantra and other.
No water to be used in these stones consisting of iron it will get rusted like:Pyrite 
Iron Meteorite
Turquoise because loses colours.
Selenite it will disintegrate.
Calcite it will disintegrate.
No sunlight to be used in this stones skulls  because will loose its colour ,get faded such as :

Rose quartz
Smokey quartz

5. What are skulls made of? Only crystal or also other materials and why?

Nowadays is almost possible carve any stone into a crystal skull, thanks to so many different carvers from China,India and Brazil.
The most common skull or the first skull which you will chose might be crystal because crystal resonates on all levels,vibration and frequency.
The clearer the skull or with rainbows the more powerful.
There are different kind of crystals such as:Lemurian,it is usually found only in Brazil,not so many of them,please be careful many are not Lemurian,as skull difficult to know about unless you buy from trusted seller,this skulls are high energy frequency, clear and work more on the heart chakra,connection with ancient civilization such as Lemuria and Atlantis.
Himalayan quartz be careful there are many people selling not true Himalayan quartz, easy to get tricked, please buy from trusted seller only.
Himalayan quartz usually are not clear,are mostly milky or with some inclusions like chloride ,clear ones are quite rare to find because the Himalayan chain mountains are millions years old ,have lot of information stored on the crystal that’s why got milky.
Himalayan quartz feels like you are holding a box of mantra, prayers from thousands of years from monks and pilgrims across the Himalayan countries like Nepal,Tibet and India.Golden Healer or Red Healer quartz
This is a name given by some book writer who want to sale.
This are crystals with iron inclusion such as hematite that’s why colour yellow or red.
The stone is quite common the yellow one, the red inclusion is less to find have still not seen many skulls with this inclusion.
There are not so many skulls with yellow inclusion either.
These skulls are usually carved in Brazil only.
These skulls are powerful in the solar plexus skulls it has similar energy to Citrine but more softer,calmer energy.

The most common skull stones found are:

Amethyst nowadays are found mostly chevron the *white and purple*.
The lighter and especially dark Amethyst also possible to get but are less available.
Rose quartzSmokey quartz 
Citrine ,only carved in Brazil mostly by Leandro de Souza or Wilson Venturini.
Jasper all kind red,yellow,brown from different country,very good for grounding work,protection and abundance.
Agate all kind of colours white,blue lace ,brown,green*Moss Agate*, and red ones from different countries, very good for grounding work,protection, abundance and very good protection for women pregnancy.
Lava,hard to get larger sizes.
Apatite can be different colours yellow,blue and green,only found in the river Chara,remote area in Russia.
Larimar only found in the Domenican rep.
Fluorite nowadays mostly found green colour, sometime found purple rainbow,rarely blue colour and also from Brazil mostly from Leandro de Souza yellow one.
Jade usually found green and white from China.
Aventurine found in different colours green,blue, white*milky quartz* and balck too.
Tiger Eyes,usually found small sizes,larger ones are very hard to get because the rock is not found in big sizes.
Opal there are different colours blue quite rare,pink rare,boulder rare and dendric opal *white and black*,opal are very good for calming emotions,good sleep,joy of life.
Lapis Lazuli
Tourmaline in matrix usually red one Rubellite and black tourmaline most common one.
Malachite be careful many fakes out there from China!
True Malachite are some of these skulls are carved directly carved in Congo,probably near the mine of malachite.
Chrysocolla not so many skulls,usually carved in Peru.
Obsidian found different shinning, rainbow,silver.
Opalite * man made glass*one of people favourite stones specially children.
Blue ,green and yellow obsidian aka called *Andara* are usually all man made glass from China,very hard and rare to find natural glass,it might possible from Mount st.Helens,Washington district USA only.
Rhodhochrosite skull are quite rare to find,best  quality are from Argentina with beautiful stripe.
Carnelian mostly are dyed colour to make nice orange.
Ruby skulls are very hard mineral to carve not available in big amount.

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